Wednesday, 25 March 2015

This time, I swear I actually tried

Dress Angelic Pretty| Blouse vintage | Bag Swimmer | Brooches Katie pony badge, handmade rosette, handmade pom pom tulle brooch | Tights Cotton On

Serial outfit appearances? Yes, that pom pom headband is back again today! This time, I think my colour scheme (it's not an obvious one, but it is there, dear) is better. At least the headband has blue (to match my lovely vintage blouse) and yellow (to match my favourite tights) and pom poms (to go with that little tulle pom pom bow I made).

Oh! and another matching theme. The bag is in the petit collection and the dress is called Petite Patisserie. We try.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

What a beautiful mess, this is

Dress Angelic Pretty | Cardigan Emily Temple Cute | Collar off brand | Headband Dangerfield | Satchel ASOS | Tights Forever New

Hah! This mess of an outfit says hello! and goodbye. Forever. It nearly makes sense. Nearly. Until your eyes slowly makes it way up to the boom! yellow collar and then once more, bang! pom pom headband in neon colours.

I just really wanted to use the pom pom headband in an outfit. Any outfit. This outfit was unfortunate enough to be the victim.

Friday, 20 March 2015

A first time for everything

There's a first time for everything. And today, I tried my new Leur Getter Bambi Brooch NOP for the first time.