Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dried herbs, lavender and roses

I love home decorating, and simple minimalistic styles with a touch of natural. Like many others, I spend a lot of money on clothes, beauty, and so on. But less like others, I also spend a great deal of money on making my little maisonette gorgeous. New bedsheets? Yes, those ones. Oh, that pretty little squirrel, yes please! That dress will just have to wait. I spend far too much time in this house to be staring at the computer all day. Or at an ugly grey wall.

There are random times (perhaps more often than I care to admit) when I spend a moment considering spaces, and think of perfect little nook-fillers. Sometimes, I just buy things for it, but more likely, I make things to fill the emptiness.

That day was the same. I looked at the empty wall above my bed (my bunting is far too high up and I wanted a bit of a change) and decided to create a floral garland to hang over my bed. With a vague plan of what I wanted (something like a extravagant, fancy and large-scale floral hair crown but made for the wall, falling diagonally over my bed head, with pretty tiny flowers here and there, something very girly, and possibly impossible), I set out on my bike Fourchue to the craft store to buy some roses, lavenders and other little flowers. When I got home and started making something, the result turned out so very different from what I had originally drawn and planned. It turned out to look like flowers hung out to dry.

But you know, I like it. I like it very much. Maybe you will too.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

We all know cream isn't often flattering

And this outfit is no exception to the general rule; that cream and light colours are not very flattering on some people. Like me.

Monday, 18 May 2015

I didn't get the chance

Yes, it is autumn. Yes, it might be windy and cold. But I think one can still do pastels, right?