Monday, 2 March 2015

Daily Armoury

LEFT TO RIGHT | Sketchbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, pencil case, wallet, diary, ballpoint, blogging notebook, mirror, lip balm, coin purse, Samsung Galaxy S4, and a little memo.

As I have started University classes again (today was my first class!), I thought it appropriate to make a 'bag contents' post about what I carry around the place. (My phone isn't actually there, just my case to represent what would be there - it's quite hard to use the phone to photograph itself ...) I'm quite practical and I often need to write things down to remember anything at all, so as you can imagine, I carry around notebooks and memos. Usually, on a day with classes, my sketchbook would be replaced with my lecture notebook.

In the end, all of my lecture books wind up being sketchbooks.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Bows and spots, those polka dots

DRESS Emily Temple Cute | BAG Emily Temple Cute | HAT Nebaarando | BLOUSE Factorie | SCARF Sportsgirl | SOCKS Rubi

Feeling a little uninspired lately, I decided to open up my wardrobe for a moment to see what I could create. Creating flatlays is immensely fun. The floor is a canvas, my wardrobe is my medium, colours are my inspiration and my imagination is the limitation. (I hope that means no limitations at all.) The results are sometimes less-than-impressive, but other times, it can be perfectly perfect. Today's artwork is Emily Temple Cute, bows and dots.