Hello 2015!

Before I even realised it, the first month of 2015 has fast sped by me and gone into a place where only lost time knows. However, just in the nick of time, I have managed to re-brand my blog, snap up a shiny new domain name (TREEHOUSE-NATION.COM), clear my archives, update my layout, and prepare those obligatory blog posts that so often occur in January. Not everything is in place yet (links to my favourite blogs haven't been added yet), but we're getting there.

I have not blogged for near a year (perhaps a little less) but with my slightly more clear schedule (thanks to my new post-graduate course), I hope I will dust off my keyboard and camera, and blog more often. Unlike being a Law undergraduate, I am hoping suit skirts and dress pants won't be necessary as an Accounting post-graduate student. Fingers crossed this will mean more chances to wear cute outfits and even cuter dresses. More Otome, more Lolita, more Morigirl and more everything.

As you can see, it does not look like the common Lolita blog. Contrary to the perceptions of Lolita fashion followers, I do not really know how to appreciate overused lace embellishments and a spattering of too many bows. I like to keep things simple. Like a minimalist. Long reign uncluttered, clean and neat! Regardless, I hope you enjoy reading whatever I end up blogging and can forgive my lack of bow-and-lace appreciation.

So, please stay just a little longer.

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  1. It is a pity that you delete old posts , I really like to re-read your cute blog.

    1. Ah~ Thank you, dear! I really appreciate this comment! I am sorry to delete the old posts but for the new blog, I decided for the first time, to start over! (My older blog had posts dating back to 2011 -A-; I thought it was time to refresh ^^)

  2. I hope this year you will have more beautiful photos and interesting posts. I love this blog. = ^ - ^ =