Wardrobe 2015: Lolita

Preppy school style,
or a lovely floral sundress?
An elegant lacey onepiece,
or some colourful pop prints?

I'll have some of each, m'dear.

This is my first ever wardrobe post. Since I started to wear Lolita fashion in 2008, and Otome in 2009, I have never done a wardrobe post. Every January, I tell myself, 'This year, I will make a wardrobe post and share it with the world!' And every year, I have been too busy doing this or too busy doing that. This year, I set up the tripod, the mannequin (whose name is Manny) and the camera, and with the help of my sister, Angela at Spoon & Fork, I took all the necessary photos for a wardrobe post. Just in time. This is Part 2: my Lolita pieces.

AATP Royal Tea Package JSK | AP Fantastic Dolly High-Waist JSK

AP Sweet Jam OP | IW Gobelin Rabbit JSK

IW Westminster Choir JSK | META Old Emblem High-Waist JSK

META Vintage Cherry Broad Collar JSK | AP French Doll Low-Waist JSK

AP Fortissimo JSK | AP French Cafe Ribbon JSK

AP Drink Me JSK | IW Eine JSK

IW Grazia Crown High-Waist JSK | IW Coronation Jewels High-Waist JSK

AATPDrosselmeyer's Wonderbox Mary JSK | AP Holy Night Story JSK

AP Toy March JSK | AP Loyal Rosette SAL

META Romantica Train OP | META Nostalgic Chess Frill JSK

AP Honey Cake Round JSK | AATP St. Mephisto Cathedrale JSK

AP Cosmic (1st Release) Sailor JSK | AP Holy Night Story JSK

IW Forest Harvest JSK | META Dobby Stripe OP

META Strawberry Cream Pinafore JSK | AP Musee du Chocolat JSK

AP Milky the Fawn Ribbon JSK | AP Petit Patisserie High-Waist JSK

AP Melty Ribbon Chocolate JSK | AP Melty Ribbon Chocolate JSK

AP Royal Creamy Chocolate SAL | AP Royal Melty Chocolate JSK

AP Chocolate Chess Jabot JSK | AP Little Bear's Cafe High-Waist JSK

BTSSB Chocolate Fairytale Fascinate Chocolierre JSK | IW London Bear High-Waist JSK

IW Dolce JSK | IW Violin Flocky JSK

META Vintage Floral OP | SNOWFIELD Library Print OP

AP Chocolate Rosette JSK | AP Loyal Rosette JSK

AP Magical Etoile High-Waist (2nd Release) JSK | BTSSB My Little Red Riding Hood Ribbon JSK

AP Misty Sky (1st Release) JSK | AP Misty Sky (2nd Release) JSK


  1. I love the british and chocolatey dresses! I think my favourite is the Westminster one. I prefer otome to lolita, though.

    1. I love British themes and bunting! (Even though I come from a Commonwealth country, I wish Australia would be closer to the United Kingdoms*u*).

      Thank you for your comment dearie <3

  2. You own all of my dream dresses and I am quietly dying of jealousy. Such an amazing collection!