Wardrobe 2015: Otome

Cute dresses and antique jewellery,
a fancy hat on my head,
beautiful bags, vintage shoes, ...
... and socks.

Yes, socks. Lots of them.

This is my first ever wardrobe post. Since I started to wear Lolita fashion in 2008, and Otome in 2009, I have never done a wardrobe post. Every January, I tell myself, 'This year, I will make a wardrobe post and share it with the world!' And every year, I have been too busy doing this or too busy doing that. This year, I set up the tripod, the mannequin (whose name is Manny) and the camera, and with the help of my sister, Angela at Spoon & Fork, I took all the necessary photos for a wardrobe post. Just in time. This is Part 1: my Otome pieces.

ETC Wonderland NOP | ETC Gentleman Rabbit (Spoon & Fork) NOP

ETC Chocolatier Rabbit NOP | ETC Ballerina Bunny NOP

ETC Gentleman Rabbit (Spoon & Fork) NOP | ETC Toys Print NOP

ETC Cherry Print NOP | ETC Favourite NOP

ETC Biscuit and Cutlery NOP | ETC Chess Print NOP

ETC Strawberry Dot NOP | ETC Vegetable Basket NOP

ETC Biscuit NOP | ETC Jam Stripe NOP

ETC Biscuit NOP | ETC Book Print NOP

JM British Library Square DRESS | JM Musical Instrument Square Dress

JM Royal Stamp Square DRESS | JM Royal Stamp Square DRESS

JM Strawberry Label Square DRESS | JM London Square DRESS

JM Royal Order Mini OP | JM Square Collar Cut OP

JM Traditional Stripe SKT | NEBAARANDO つみき合唱隊 (Building Block Choir) OP

NEBAARANDO シリウス (Sirius) OP | NEBAARANDO つむじ風の騎士 (Knight of Cyclone) OP

NEBAARANDO 北極星 (Polaris) OP | NEBAARANDO 星の笛 (Star Flute) OP


  1. So many beautiful dresse *_* I particularly love the ones with cutlery, rabbits, fruits, jams and books :D

    1. So many wonderful themes to collect! I wish I had less interest in all those things, but alas, they are the things I've always loved~

      Thank you for the comment, dear :)

  2. Wow, so many wonderful ETC pieces! Can I ask what NOP stands for? I had never heard that term. Thak you!

    1. Sorry to reply late, m'dear! NOP is the official term that Emily Temple Cute uses which means 'No-sleeve Onepiece'. It basically means Jumperskirt XD

      Thank you for the comment, lovely ^^

    2. Thank you for your reply! :D Ahhh now I get it haha. Your collection has inspired a whole new love for ETC in me, thank you ♥