Lovely Pairs

It was Valentine's Day last weekend. I organised a Lolita meet for the girls, and the theme was 'Lovely Pair'. We held it at the Hello Kitty Cafe and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, sharing delicious desserts!

Dress Emily Temple Cute | Bag Swimmer | Necklace Q-Pot | Rosette Angelic Pretty | Brooch Handmade by Brooke | Cardigan Off-brand | Collar Off-brand | Sock Garter/Topper Handmade | Socks Rubi | Shoes Rubi

The weather was terribly hot when I woke up in the morning. It was hot the previous night as well. Unable to twin, Angela, Brooke and I decided to go with the theme and match as triplets. Biscuit Triplets. Contrary to what you might think, matching doesn't mean twinning! So, we each got out a random Emily Temple Cute Biscuit print dress, our Swimmer biscuit bags and wore it with red.

Of course, the weather cooled down by the evening (it felt 15 degrees Celcius cooler than the afternoon).

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  1. Really cute! I'd like a warmer weather here in Milan too *_*