Wardrobe Snippet 2015: Tops

Red, orange, yellow and green and blue.
Indigo, violet and every hue.

The weather has been so hot after an unexpectedly cool early summer. I hope we don't have a hot Autumn.

Due to the uncooperativeness of the weather, I ended up being too lazy (and much too bothered) to take individual photographs of my tops (and my other items for that matter). So I've decided to start my "Wardrobe Snippet" series. Which will of course, showcase snippets of my wardrobe. In any case, I begin with my tops and blouses wich are decidedly and uncommonly colourful.

I don't think I've ever been one to follow colour coordination rules. How bland!

AP Dot Hood Parka | ETC Dot Ribbon Cardigan | AP Colourful Dot Ribbon Cardigan | AP Dot Ribbon Parka | AATP Stamp Embroidery Regimental Stripe Cardigan | AP Stripe Bow Cutsew | AP School Emblem Cutsew | AP Pleated Collar Cutsew | AP Pleated Double Collar Blouse

Various casual and vintage blouses and tops that I wear often.
In every colour of the rainbow.
Sometimes, I wear them with Lolita, too.

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