Daily Armoury

LEFT TO RIGHT | Sketchbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, pencil case, wallet, diary, ballpoint, blogging notebook, mirror, lip balm, coin purse, Samsung Galaxy S4, and a little memo.

As I have started University classes again (today was my first class!), I thought it appropriate to make a 'bag contents' post about what I carry around the place. (My phone isn't actually there, just my case to represent what would be there - it's quite hard to use the phone to photograph itself ...) I'm quite practical and I often need to write things down to remember anything at all, so as you can imagine, I carry around notebooks and memos. Usually, on a day with classes, my sketchbook would be replaced with my lecture notebook.

In the end, all of my lecture books wind up being sketchbooks.


  1. That's such a cute bag to go to uni.
    You're cute from head to feet :)

    1. Thank you, dear Camille~ ><
      I hope I can post up some of my drawings soon.
      (I've been meaning to ... XD)