This time, I swear I actually tried

Dress Angelic Pretty| Blouse vintage | Bag Swimmer | Brooches Katie pony badge, handmade rosette, handmade pom pom tulle brooch | Tights Cotton On

Serial outfit appearances? Yes, that pom pom headband is back again today! This time, I think my colour scheme (it's not an obvious one, but it is there, dear) is better. At least the headband has blue (to match my lovely vintage blouse) and yellow (to match my favourite tights) and pom poms (to go with that little tulle pom pom bow I made).

Oh! and another matching theme. The bag is in the petit collection and the dress is called Petite Patisserie. We try.


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    1. Isn't it?! I would have never bought something this silly, but for the fact that it was on sale for only $3! >< (I've got a bunch of materials to make myself another one now ;DD)

  2. How do you do to have such cuteness in you? :)
    I'm in love with biscuit bags, you know it ^^

    1. I don't! XD Inside, I believe we're all cute people <3 Thank you dear Camille <3