Birthday Cheer! Monarch of Treehouse Nation

As a word of warning, my room, it is full of triangles. I really really like triangles.

dress Target | bag Furla | hairbands Mimco, Equip | shoes Juju Footwear | blouse Dotti | cardigan Cotton On | tights offbrand

Oh ho! surprise! I'm not wearing Lolita or Otome! I hope to bring you more of my daily outfits from here on (which are more than likely going to be mirror outfit shots.) I realise that today, my outfit does not quite fit in with my bedroom. Nevertheless, for my birthday, I decided to go for a casual, girly chic. Inspired by 'autumn florals' theme (the boring, repeated Spring + florals combination can take a hike for a little while), I paired common romantic floral pieces but in darker autumnal tones.

I love my new quilt cover set! It turns out, that I like my bedroom looking like the bedroom of a five year old boy. (And that romantic stuff? That's Angii's. Alright, a little of it is mine. Like the pearls hanging on my bed post and the 'Paris' box beneath my bed.)

And I meant what I said. I really like triangles. I just bought another new triangle geometric quilt cover set.


  1. It's a lovely outfit, I do love your dress. It reminds me of gobelin print.
    I didn't know you loved triangles that much ^^
    I love dots :p

    1. Dots are lovely and always delicate, it is very you, Camille ^^
      And yes, triangles. Triangles are my favourite *u*
      Thank you lovely !

  2. I like your outfit! Upholsery is one of my favourite fabrics for clothing.
    Happy Birthday even if I'm late.

    1. It's okay! Even I was late! Thank you my dear!
      I love this kind of fabric too!
      Again, thank you always!