Look who hopped by!

For our Easter event, we weren't outside so a real Easter egg hunt wasn't possible. So here are the clues to the 'Imaginary Easter Egg Hunt' we invented. Try your hand at it!

I am an Easter egg, where am I hidden,
Figure it out with these clues you are given:
My friend is holding me, keeping me safe and sound,
She told me a story of how she was found,
Eyes full of tears and her face in a frown,
Until a sweet lolita made a hood for her crown,
She has always wanted to be someone else,
But I think she should just be her cute little self.

I am an Easter egg, where am I hidden,
Figure it out with these clues you are given:
Lolita's are always surprised to find,
One, two or even none sometimes,
I'm found among these things I'll tell you:
Loose change, some lint and a bunched up tissue,
Before I came in I saw a carpet of green,
Some flowers and clovers, oh what a happy Spring scene,
Fluffy cotton clouds just like their tails,
A basket, some chicks and other small details.

Can you figure it out?

dress Angelic Pretty | bag Angelic Pretty | cardigan Yumetenbo | necktie Angelic Pretty | rabbit ears designed & handmade by me | necklace Emily Temple Cute | tights Forever New | shoes Secret Shop Replica

We wanted to dress up like Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunnies, but unfortunately, our red neck ties didn't end up working well with the Melty Ribbon Chocolate dress. So we made do with being a generic chocolate bunny. Covered in chocolate. Carrying chocolate. Eating chocolate.

Location one: Inside an Usakumya bag!
Location two: Inside the pocket of a Happy Garden dress!


  1. Aaw this little imaginary egg hunt was so cute! I guessed for the Happy Garden~ Did Angi and yourself write those little poems? They are really lovely!

    And as usual, your outfit is so so so precious. I love everything about it <3

    1. Yes! Angela and I wrote them! XD
      And you guessed right! The second one is more difficult I think XD
      Thank you, Mila-chan <3