Three primary colours and green

Sunny days, warm weather, country air ...

dress Emily Temple Cute | cardigan offbrand | collar offbrand | hat TEMT | shoes Rubi | socks from China | basket from my bike

I decided to wear something colourful to celebrate the bright, sunny (somewhat too-hot) weather, while casually matching my sister Angii over at spoon&fork). Bright primary colours were our theme. The lovely Alycia drove us up to Hahndorf for a little country air and strawberry picking. Although I never use my straw basket with Fourchue (people may or may not take it from its wire basket seat on Fourchue), I decided to take the basket out for a day. And was it useful! it carried our strawberry pickings (we went very well!), my water bottle, some purchases I made and all the other necessities with room to spare!


  1. Replies
    1. Colours! Colours are the best for bright sunny days ;) Thank you dear!

  2. The socks make this outfit really interesting ! :)

    1. (I really love socks >< Always have money for socks! XD) Thank you my dear!