I have neglected the 'sketchbook' tag on the side of my blog for far too long now, but I finally remembered to scan a few pages of my sketchbook from this period (more accurately April and May, with a few older pages to get the ball rolling). I draw a lot more than I let on, but in all honesty, I'm not terribly proud of my work (which is mediocre at best). I only decided to begin sharing my artwork recently, which for the longest time I have kept to myself for my own enjoyment. However, seeing as I waste spend so much of my time drawing and doodling in my sketchbooks, in my tutorial notebooks and in the margins of my lecture notes, I thought I might as well do something to show for it. Although I am not so great at it, it is something I love to do and have enjoyed doing since I watched Sailor Moon as a wee lassie of but five years. It does not help that my drawing is as inconsistent as the sun in London or the rain in Adelaide.

Regardless, I'll carry on. Today I shall introduce to you, my most recurring characters. You will probably end up seeing a lot of them in the sketchbook tag. They began as a little story I had in my head and was first introduced to my friend in 2010 or 2011. They have undoubtedly changed and evolved over the years, but I just can't help drawing them up in silly situations and being all mischievous. So that means many action poses (to which I am rather partial, but regrettably awful at executing). That is one of the reasons why I rarely share my drawings. The other? I always end up creating short scenarios and drawing all over, above , up, below, and all around the page. It gets awful messy.

(Oh, and word of warning, prepare for image heavy post below!)

First of all, meet my bees! Luke was the first one. He's on the picture above at the top right. He is a court composer-in-training and musician. He was followed by Charlie (the three views at the bottom), who has changed a lot since his initial conception, and Quincy, the one in the middle with the straight-cut bob. Both of them are Pilot rank air soldiers.

Luke also has a composer-in-training friend Frederick (left page, top right). I had a difficult time drawing up superior officers (antagonist Derek and the nice-guy Percy), and other armies and ranks (which was a terrible affair, I've no clue about military ranks). I ended up selecting an additional ground force, to which Albert (or Bertie) and the great swooner, Isaac, both belong. The super smiley guy with the spanner is Emmett, the aircraft engineer (and being really keen on it all, is very hands-on kind of guy rather than your sit-around-and-boss-people kind of guy.)

The uniforms are also quite different from their original design, and to the newest design, I added some standard webbing and weapons (artillery will be a pain to design, I'm sure). Oh! The little girl soldier all curled up and upset? That's little Olive! She's the first girl to have determination big enough and wings strong enough to join the air force. (There's a random Paddington-turned-boy there too.)

Besides bees, I have an unhealthy obssession with mushrooms (a truly, horrifyingly unhealthy obssession.) The first character I drew was Tue-tue (above!) Her species? Amanite tue-mouches in French or Amanita muscaria, the fly agaric. She is the result of drawing this one little girl once too often (who had a little brother at one point with whom she never shared her treehouse).

Eventually, Tue-tue gained a few friends. First was Zaza (an Amanita caesarea), then Roux (an Amanita rubescens) and Panthea (an Amanita panterina), then finally came shy little Perry (an Hygrocybe psittacina). All their names are based on French historical species names rather than their modern species names (mainly due to the fact I became quite intrigued by a poster that my sister bought from Paris three years ago, which was an antique mushroom species chart in French.)

I'm not sure what they do yet, but as the scenario below shows, they are apparently well-acquainted with the bees...

I'll end this period with some sketchings of Tadashi and Hiro Hamada and Baymax, of course.


  1. So many cute sketches~ I'm so happy to see your little bees again!

  2. Omg you're so talented!
    Do you take commissions? =O

    Lunie Chan - Le Blog