HALLO ! I am Kairii, a girl who wishes to never grow up and enjoy being young forever.

TREEHOUSE-NATION.COM is the little online nation of yours truly. After blogging here and there for what seems to be forever, the perpetually young Monarch finally planted a flag and lay claim upon this little empire.

The Monarch writes about her curious and daring adventures with her bicycle (named Fourchue), about the little things that the Royal Rabbit Horatio Lapin tells her, and about the fantastic places her mind may spontaneously create.

JE SUIS Kylie (Kairii) Chan | perpetual university student & fashion enthusiast | Law, Arts and Accounting majors | a sometimes musician, everyday daydreamer, amateur creative and a terrible singer
BIRTH 09 april
STYLE vintage & antique | otome & lolita | mori | dresses, velvet, hats, tights & brooches | ネバアランド by Neverland | Unlogical Poem | Jane Marple and Emily Temple Cute | Angelic Pretty and Innocent World | Crisp | フェリシモ シロップ.| Merlot Camp | Melantrick Hemlighet and Bortsprungt | Q-POT | Cambridge Satchel Company | Vivienne Westwood
J'AIME bees, mushrooms and forests | Le Petit Prince and Peter Pan | travel (London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo) | books | darjeeling tea and vintage tea ware | Sanrio and Disney
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